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Palace of the Dead matched party etiquette?
09-21-2017, 05:58
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Palace of the Dead matched party etiquette?
After so much running solo or occasionally running with friends, I decided to run some Palace floors DF-style. I got some mostly quiet groups, which normally wouldn't be an issue, but when you get dps compositions with no tank, it feels a little chaotic without a designated leader. I got commendations for the runs I was in, and about all I was told is that it's "faceroll" and "sometimes you get people with +20 or +30 and you have to carry".
Anyway, what else should I know about going with matched parties? Do I open pomander chests? Let someone else do it? What about rooms where someone tries to sneak their way around? Do I follow or stay back? For excess strength/steel pomanders, who gets priority? How far can I stray before I get yelled at?

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